New Chops for the Local Market

A change of pace this morning… during this morning’s installment of Math and Phonics at the local coffee shop, I had a very pleasant surprise.

I really haven’t mentioned this much before, but my wife and I are home schoolers. I’m the principal Math and Phonics teacher for the youngest of the 2 kids and help run support for Language Arts. My wife carries the rest covering History, Language Arts, and Music … Abbe is the Arts teacher too. She’s really much better suited at covering the fundamentals of the arts… I just deal with philosophy and technique.

The big jump and down moment this morning was regauarding the fact that the youngest has finally gotten to the point where she can more or less read the instructions back to herself after a “once through” and then follow the directions.
This frees up a bit of my morning brain power. Good thing too… we really need to keep eating and brain time is becoming a commodity in my house hold.
Back to the main-point… I got to spend the morning carving “chops” for hallmarking our family’s summer Farmer’s Market project, while Nico read and worked though her lessons… “Yes!”
A lovely morning spent carving greenware plugs for bisque. These are the hallmarks that local buyers are going to identify us by this season so they need to be readable.


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