Morning Fog

With all of the rain over the past few months, a thick fog has been a common sight for anyone silly enough to be up at 3 am. (That would be me…) I’ve never been anywhere that had winter fog like this before. I hear it actually is even more intense just outside of town here in the ag belt of Northern California. I took pictures, but a white-out due to fog doesn’t translate well to digital film. (I’ll work on that.)

This has all been translating well into my studio work though. The Delta’s morning fog and afternoon wind was the original inspiration for the spiral motif that I started to use 3 years ago… Over the past year I’ve been really enjoying where this motif has been going and now I look forward to each new opportunity to explore it’s application.

This is a beautiful yunomi from the last load of work. (It can be found in my Etsy storefront.) It was thrown off center with heavy finger trails thrown into the surface, turned, stenciled, and slipped. The cobalt slip is saturated just to the point of beginning to form crystals, burning blue through the dipped and trailed white glaze in spots.
The glazed surface is buttery with a slight pitting that adds to the allure of the finished glaze.


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