Sprigging YoYos

Well I couldn’t wait to get cracken on trying out one of the new sprigs molds. These were as much fun to use these as I hoped they would be. I gave them a try on a new series of YoYo canisters that Ron Philbeck showed us how to create last week in his videos part 1 and part 2. (The YoYos are proving to initially be way harder to make than he made it look on his videos. I’m having to give these suckers a few tosses to get a handle on them.) My hope is that these sprigs might help me create the “speed bumps” on the sides of my kitchen canisters that I’ve been mulling over for a few years. It’s worth finally giving it a try.


I’m also finally getting around to trying a low fire premixed glaze in an effort to create an elusive effect that I’m hoping will finish off some sculptural works for local showings next week. This will be another round of “all or nothing” attempts. You think I’d know better by now, but the Hammer of Judgment waits… This is the first time I’ve played with glaze from a jar. I can’t wait to open the kiln tomorrow night.

This is a piece from a post last winter… I’m filling in the craters in my MoonCrater White glaze with a Neon Yellow glaze in hope of creating a few hundred yellow fireflies that’ll float on the surface of this piece. My fingers are crossed…


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