Hamburger Yo-Yo

Well like many potters this week, after volgger/potter Ron Philbeck posted his series of video posts on making closed form canisters, (part 1 and part 2). I just had to revisit and reminisce my way though this project. This was one of the first projects that my old ASU professor, Randy Schmidt, gave my class as a way to introduce creating a lid and galley from a closed from. This is basic stuff that, quite honestly, I had forgotten about while I ran around reinventing a few wheels.

The form Ron outlined is like an old familiar jazz riff, there are regional aesthetics involved in the form that he presented… but the fun of all of this is all about making changes to the riff and standing next to the work that comes off the wheel.

Thanks Ron for setting me off in a new direction.
Stay tuned…


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