Stay At Home Vacation

Well this must have started with a wish… I had been feeling a bit burnt at the edges the past few weeks. I’m not sure why exactly. I have suspicions… but hey… my for the record answer is that, “Over the years, I’ve become a sun child and, seasonally, the weeks of overcast skies doesn’t do me (or anyone around me), a bit of good. “ That’s for the record.

Any way I knew I needed a break, but what I really needed was a vacation. I needed to go somewhere with lots of sun… some snow or ocean (preferably both)… maybe a bit of adventure… and it needed to run $35 or less. It was follow neighborhood blogger, TotusMel who clued me into a fantastic poorman’s/woman’s vacation…



I haven’t played much in the way of video games since the kids were old enough to effectively monopolize the controllers, (honestly I really haven’t had the time to blow anyway), but…. This is where the wish comes in… I got the flu!

Best darn thing to happen in a while. I sat in bed with a fever, joyously slogging though hours and hours and hours and hours of adventures. (Hours)

Ahhhh, the glory! Here is a shot of me with the village chief. It’ s not really a good shot though… my eyes are closed. Doh!

It really worked though… I’m feeling much better now and it’s back to filling spring orders.


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