Impromptu Hiatus

I’ve been quietly running an impromptu to experiment the past 2 weeks. Maybe it’s the economy, maybe it’s the calm before the storm, and maybe it just is what it is… but it looked like not sitting down with a cuppa joe (or 3) at the computer and sharing what’s been happening out in the studio doesn’t help very much. (We’ll play a bit of catch-up this weekend.)

The reason for this hiatus was a happy one though.
My parents were in town from Iowa for a visit and we simply don’t get enough time to spend together. Mom and I did get to spend a bit of time out in the studio working on this year’s bowls for the TideWater Art Gallery’s “Souper Supper”. (70 or so bowls done… 50 to go.) This is her 3 year helping me put through a load and I’m thrilled to have her in the studio with me. It’s a fun way to get together for a few days and it really special to share time with her doing something I love to do…

Thanks Mom!


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