Objects of Virtue Exhibition

“Objects of Virtue” explores the innovative ways in which artists use the sculptural and painterly qualities of clay to create varied and distinctive new vessels. As an amalgamation of surface, color, texture, and mass, clay in its fired state is potentially one of the richest art mediums. The concept of pots as “objects of virtue” is attributed to the late master potter Byron Temple, who championed the idea of potters as artists. With this exhibit, Bedford Gallery presents artists from across the country who share the idea that something as humble as a pot can have the import and mystery of a fine painting or sculpture. In every detail, from the shape of the vessel’s footing, to the finesse of a lid, to the overall shape of its body, the pots in Objects of Virtue demonstrate a concern for both beauty and function.

– Carrie Lederer, Curator of Exhibitions & Programs

Bedford Gallery is housed in the City of Walnut Creek’s Lesher Center for the Arts, and enjoys being the largest community-based visual arts facility between the Bay Area and Sacramento.This is a beautiful gallery and arts center that shows what can arise from a community’s investment in a future of pride and vision.
The picture at the right is from the “Full Deck” Exhibition this summer… Totally cool show… totally.

What a treat!

I’m looking forward to finally getting to see what the exhibition juror, Julia Galloway, has selected for this show. Reading down the roster of artists that they pulled in nationally for this event, this’ll be a fun show to drop in on.
So many amazing things are currently happening right now in the field of ceramic Art, (notice the big “A” on that one) national exhibitions like these tend to be eye openers even for seasoned gallery hoppers and ageing studio rats like me. I’m very honored and happy, (giddy really), to have been selected to participate in the “Objects of Virtue” exhibition this year. (Alright alright, I did do an elaborate happy dance involving a few celebratory beers and a bit of hoot’n and holler’n.) I’m never quite sure what a juror is going to be looking for when they are selecting works for a show. I realize that there may be a stated theme for a show, but I also realize that as artists, many of us tend to shoehorn in just about any work on hand into a show’s particular theme. Whether we are fooling ourselves or not is beside the point. I tend to try to avoid doing this but in the end, I entered 3 works that I enjoyed from this year’s body of work that were simply still on hand. Luckily I felt that they truly met the theme of the show. (That is what we all say though.)

Out of the 3 pieces submitted, I was a bit surprised to find out that it was one of the Bone Orchard Chawan’s that was selected. I have to admit I’m full of question marks, but I’m comfortable with that…


Here are the other 2 that were considered but fell aside.


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