Bruce Cadman

The 2nd ceramic artist that was involved in last weekends “Stroll & Jazz” on the Miracle Mile in Stockton, was ever amazing Bruce Cadman. (Actually I’m very happy to say he was more than just involved, he was the major motivator for this entire project.)
Thanks Bruce!!!
I’m always thrilled to be sitting next to Bruce. His ceramic work is very definitely unlike anything else ccurrently out there. It’s imaginative, thoughtful, and full of obsessive detail. Yum! The best part is that I’m getting to watch an artist in a transformation period. His work seems to be very quickly evolving into something even more compelling and evocative. His MO is to only creates a small number of pieces a year, meticulously pouring over the details and putting them though a range of atmospheres in search of a finished surface. Judging from what I’m seeing in the studio right now, I’m really curios to see where he’s taking his work this next season.



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