Winding Down

These 4 cups were part of a small series of 13 stenciled works that were mixed in with 25 vanilla glazed cups that I pushed through for decals. This small series was intended to revisit and retest of some of this years glaze experiments. Nothing too crazy, but glaze combos and applications that seemed to work well at the time and needed restating. Looking back over the year, I’m really happy how the relation of the form, the foot, and the lip has really progressed into a consistently beautifully balanced object.
I love how this series has turned out. The red stoneware really warms up the White Liner glaze…
This is the second time through this experiment with a black slip and Amber glaze. I love the interaction of the Amber and the White Liner at the rim. A thicker application of the Amber glaze will make these jewels.
I’ve been falling in love with my simple white liner glaze again. I wasn’t really happy with the predictable thin & stable application of this glaze over the cobalt slip stenciled work, but I’ve grown fond of multiple dipped and poured layers. The design shifts just slightly, but the surface is rich.

This is the yunomi that the kids and I filmed being made last week. I like how it came out of the kiln, but I well aware it’s not to everyone’s taste. It has texture in abundance. It’s been made to be a tactically beautiful cup… a cup that not only functions as it should, but as an object that’s a joy to hold and explore with your hands and eyes.
It really is something special.

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