Sniffing the Leather Glove

oK… I’m sniffing the leather glove with this one…so I’m gonn’a have to ask for you to hang with me on this for a bit…. I ‘m wading back into a media that I probably shouldn’t be playing with again, but now that the studio is getting itself temporarily reestablished for the season, I’m going to go on a casting binge.
As I’ve alluded to before, this is a sociologically complicated media for me… (we go way way back). I’ve been joyously flirting with my silver studio again, but this is not a simple choice for my wife and me. I tend to lose myself in this media and she know it. The simplest way I can describe this feeling is to ask you imagine meeting up with an old mistress that enjoyed giving you everything you ever dreamed of, and still, she asks for more…. It’s really all of that and more.
That’s a huge problem.
I am soooo going to enjoy this until someone makes me stop again.

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