A Whole Heard of Moo

I’ve been a huge fan of guerrilla marketing for the past 2 decades. Knowing full well that locally, it’s the small things that seem to make the difference in how new viewers find my work. Over the past 20 years I’ve really enjoyed creating the new support medias that cater to my diverse niche markets. It’s been a gambit of stickers, wheat paste posters, silkscreened canvass, spray painted stencils, art magnets, postcards splits, and now… MooCards.

I’m sure good amount of you know exactly what MooCards are. For anyone new to the name, these are 28mm by 70mm double sided collectable business cards printed on a high quality card stock. You can buy them in lots of 100 with dozens of different designs in each lot. It’s the Online market that makes this media such a success. Personally I find that the odd size contributes to the success of the media. People really enjoy the smaller size of the cards. And hey… different is good, and when it’s combined with a decent set of designs… a good Moo goes a long way.

The reason I’m working to develop this media up into something that I can use is that I’ve been given an opportunity to attend a black tie meet and greet as a guest artist at KVIE’s preview event for their televised Art auction at the end of August. (Obviously the organizers have never met me…) This is a PBS fund raiser. I’ve not a TV watcher anymore, but my children are, and as an enthusiastic supporter of Public Television, I’m thrilled at being selected as a contributing artist for this event.

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